How the Sharing Economy is Impacting the Insurance Industry
The sharing economy has gone from a passing fad to an enduring subsector and the pandemic accelerated this rapid growth. New businesses have been created using technology to match supply and demand for a product and service.

The Hartford Purchases Y-Risk, A Company Specializing In Insurance For The Sharing And On-Demand Economy
The Hartford has purchased Y-Risk, a managing general underwriter specializing in the sharing and on-demand economy, from Allstar Financial Group, Inc.

Sharing and on-demand companies should take risks, just not with their users’ personal data.
The first few years in a start-up that’s trying to break into the sharing economy can be a whirlwind of securing investors, building a user base, and finding ways to stand out from competitors.

Y-Risk launches offering specialized insurance and investment options to independent contractors
Y-Risk, LLC, a specialty underwriting management company, is proud to announce the launch of a new website that enables independent contractors to purchase insurance products and access investment choices typically offered by employers.

Insuring Innovation
For a company that’s changing the way people drive, building the right insurance program was a collaborative accomplishment.

Y-Risk Offers New Cyber and Technology E&O Backed by Lloyd’s

Y-Risk Celebrates First Year Anniversary
Y-Risk, a Managing General Underwriter is pleased to be celebrating its first anniversary of operations.