Data Connect

Here’s how to establish an automatic data feed with Y-Risk/The Hartford.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…

  1. Upon binding of your policy, email the contact info (name, email, and phone number) of the person responsible for your data reporting to
  2. A Hartford Data Scientist will then reach out with a few simple instructions on how to set up the data feed.
  3. The data connection will allow for quick and easy transfer of usage information which allows us to calculate your premium due (if any, subject to the terms of your bound policy) for the audit period.

Our partnership is based on mutual respect and trust. To that end, we want to assure you that your activity data will be used to your benefit. We are not in the business of selling data.

Detailed activity information allows us to more accurately direct claims to the appropriate carrier if there are multiple policies in play. It also helps us identify trends. We’ll be able to recognize usage patterns and potentially problematic drivers/service providers earlier which helps you better manage your business. More information equals more informed decision making.